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Smart Factory 2 - Why the factory now needs to be as digital as the officeIn the modern office most functions are managed by software – usually integrated software. Software that digitises invoice, shipping and inventory management. Digital tools that manage safety, compliance and human resources. Sales and marketing have been using automated lead generation and customer care software for decades.

There is no one software solution that manages all business processes. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software has taken the front office to the next level. ERP connects processes, systems and data together using apps and API’s – which means everything can talk with each other. This gives visibility and insights into businesses to see what is and what isn’t making a business more productive.

Many businesses have completely digitised ‘front’ offices with varied software and systems happily communicating through the ERP offering data and insights into business health. But as soon as you hit the concrete on the factory floor, the digitalisation often stops and the clipboards and white boards come into view. It’s almost like the front office and the factory are in different time zones.

Now there are fantastic digital tools available like MES or Manufacturing Execution System software to manage and report on manufacturing. These systems also integrate with any ERP. In fact, the AspectPL MES has never met an ERP it couldn’t integrate with.

The term Digital Transformation is often used in relation to manufacturing. What this really means is giving the factory or manufacturing floor the same type of digital tools and productivity analysis as the front office.

  • Digital tools to make processes like scheduling production easier
  • Live production data and automated analysis (OEE) to diagnose productivity issues and improvements
  • Quality measurement, labour resource and machine maintenance
  • Easy integration from and to the ERP

So why not give your factory floor the same opportunity to go digital as you do in the front office. Not only will you have improved manufacturing visibility but a fully ERP integrated view of your entire business and its productivity opportunities.