Frequently Asked Questions

by | Nov 5, 2018

I’m not sure if our production team can adjust from a manual system.

Your production team are probably already using technology in their lives. Most will use smartphones, tablets and/or laptops outside of work and are comfortable with social media platforms and online shopping. AspectPL is simple to use, runs on tablets and work stations. Part of the install offer includes a training programme for your team.

My ERP vendor says they can offer a similar system and it will cost a lot for them to integrate with the AspectPL PLC.

No ERP system can provide the functionality and real time visibility of AspectPL on the production floor. We know this because we own the AspectPL IP. The AspectPT team can work with your existing ERP vendor to install the PLC – at a capped cost.

How do I know this software is current and robust?

AspectPL usually releases 2 upgrades each year.  The AspectPL license/subscription model means customers are always using the latest version. Our developers work with our client’s needs and the latest industry technologies to consistently enhance the AspectPL software.

How long does installation take?

We work with your IT and electrical teams as well as your ERP vendor to install AspectPL. Installation is usually completed within 3 months of sign off.

What happens if we install AspectPL but decide it’s not the right system for us?

We offer a six month right of termination. We guarantee to buy back the PLC and stop the license fee if you reject the solution for any reason within the initial 6 month period.

What technical support does AspectPT offer?

AspectPL offers phone support as well as an online customer support portal. At install, AspectPL offers staff and management initial training followed by secondary training 2-3 months after install.

How do we know AspectPL will be here in 15 years?

AspectPT founder Allan Orr has been at the helm of AspectPT since 2009. Allan developed the IP that runs AspectPL. To achieve longevity Allan sold a shareholding to Evander Management Ltd the majority owners of Datacom, New Zealand’s largest IT company with over 4,000 staff and $1B in revenue per annum.

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