Nailing the gap from works order to warehouse

Digital transformation of the factory floor


Nailing the gap from works order to warehouse

Digital transformation of the factory floor


Nailing the gap from works order to warehouse

Digital transformation of the factory floor


AspectPL. World-leading, manufacturing productivity software.

AspectPL bridges the data gap between manufacturing work orders, production, quality and despatch and integrates with any ERP system.


  • Easy, live scheduling and visibility of the manufacturing floor
  • Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration
  • Advanced manufacturing traceability and quality management
  • Quick ROI gains and affordable monthly license fee model
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Live scheduling

AspectPL mitigates the manual tasks that can hamstring a production team – like manual scheduling and physically checking job progress. With AspectPL the schedule is produced quickly and easily and as AspectPL runs in real time, the schedule and production data are always up to date.

Seamless ERP Integration

AspectPL can integrate with any ERP system. Production orders are extracted from the ERP, dropped into AspectPL for production. When production is finished data can be automatically integrated back into the ERP.

Identify and solve manufacturing problems

AspectPL data identifies business constraints and production problems such as labour resource management, product reject rates, raw material usage and die change problems. Businesses can solve or eliminate problems to achieve business efficiencies and net utilisation of manufacturing machines.

Digital transformation of the factory floor

Real-time machine

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Seamless ERP

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Affordable SaaS

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“…If you want to grow, adopt this technology…”

David Tsui, MD, Bonson



“…We’ve seen an increase in productivity of 10-15%. And we’ve been able to maintain that level of improvement, every year…”

David Ralph, Viscount Plastics

“…AspectPL allows us to analyse every part of our business, so we can make better decisions. Our OEE is now over 80%…

Greg Ditton, MD, Australian Blow Moulding Corporation


“…With 42 machines on the floor, we could not run our business without AspectPL…”

Steve Habershon, Cospak



“…Good data drives good problem-solving…”

Richard, Operations Manager, Melbourne



“…I don’t know how we would have managed customer demand swings without AspectPL…”

Brett Hopwood, Pharmapac



“Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is almost everything”

Paul Krugman, Nobel prize winning economist

“… AspectPL has increased the transparency of our manufacturing processes…”

Jon Kirby, Hansen Products

Do you want to transform your factory into the future?