About Us

AspectPL software originated in 1990 when an injection moulding company asked for help to digitise their production floor.

They wanted to stop using manual systems (like clipboards) and get production and performance data directly from their production machines and into a computer.

AspectPT founder Allan Orr originally trained as an electrician and owned an automation company. Allan designed a method of getting data directly from the plant via a PLC into a relational database which was installed at the plant. Allan named this software AspectPL.

Next, Allan and his team developed features for scheduling, measuring OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), accounting for rejects and traceability of product.

From this beginning AspectPL software was born. Founders Allan and Val Orr are still at the helm of AspectPT. They are supported by software development, technical, sales and marketing staff.

Photo of Shayne on stand May 2019 - About Us

AspectPL continues to be a leader in Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. The software can integrate with any ERP, create a dynamic and living schedule, show a complete view of manufacturing and provide data for insight into performance.

AspectPL is licensed by a monthly SaaS fee which makes it affordable. Based in Auckland, New Zealand AspectPT has implemented AspectPL in manufacturing plants across Australia and New Zealand.