The AspectPT Philosophy for Discrete Manufacturing.

“Transforming your business.” 

Live scheduling, continuous automatic job monitoring, real-time machine connected, seamless ERP/Financials integration, leveraging mobile technology on the shop-floor, advanced support for manual work centres and assembly stations.

…Visibility, Control, Continuous Improvement, Profitability, for Discrete Manufacturing.


The modern factory is a complex, often chaotic environment. The need to integrate people, complicated machinery, raw materials, and customer demands to manufacture quality product to a deadline is challenging enough. Further, external competitive pressures and technological advances mean the business must run as efficiently as possible, and at the same time also turn a profit.

AspectPL helps discrete manufacturers to turn this chaos into order. This is accomplished by providing a framework and systems for building a robust business, by removing manual processes and enabling the staff to concentrate on improving and optimising the plant.


Quick Points:
  • The AspectPT team developed the AspectPL software, owns the IP, and has a great deal of expertise in the ‘plastics & packaging’ sectors. As a local Australasian provider, we can make changes and enhancements quickly.
  • AspectPL supports and enables various OEE and Lean improvement initiatives. This leads directly to an improved bottom-line performance. Typically, AspectPL users report productivity improvements in the range of 10-15% within the first year which is easily maintained and then improved in the following years.
  • Aspect Productivity Technology Ltd. was established in June 2009.
  • APT has three major shareholders including ‘Evander Management Ltd’ the majority owners of Datacom, – New Zealand’s largest IT company with over 4,000 staff and $1B in revenue per annum.
  • Based in Auckland, the AspectPT team is a solid team of experienced personnel able and willing to help any business reach their productivity and production targets and objectives.
transforming discrete manufacturing factory with lean manufacturing