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AspectPL software origins were born back in 1990. Aspect Productivity Technology (AspectPT) became its own entity in 2009. The AspectPT team developed the AspectPL software and owns the IP.

Founders Allan and Val Orr are still at the helm of AspectPT. They are supported by software development, technical, sales and marketing staff.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand AspectPT has implemented AspectPL in manufacturing plants in Australasia and beyond.

 Aspect Productivity Technology is shining light on the black hole of data in manufacturing.

In this age of the Internet of Things (IOT), Industry 4.0 and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), many business processes are rigorously managed and analysed. These company wide management systems can unfortunately leave a gap in business data – data about what is happening on the manufacturing floor.

Aspect Productivity Technology has developed MES software called AspectPL. AspectPL bridges the gap between manufacturing work orders, production, quality and despatch and integrates with any ERP system.


Easy scheduling and digital transformation of the factory floor

Because AspectPL digitises the manufacturing floor it also mitigates the manual tasks that can hamstring a manufacturing team – like manual scheduling and physically checking job progress. With AspectPL the schedule is produced quickly and easily. As AspectPL runs in real time, the schedule and production data are live. Learn more about live scheduling.


Smart and integrated manufacturing

AspectPL can integrate with any ERP system. Production orders may be extracted from the ERP and dropped in AspectPL for production. At the end of the manufacturing process production data can be automatically integrated back into the ERP.  Learn more about how our MES software integrates with ERP systems.


Increase manufacturing efficiencies with data and analysis

Data delivers visibility. If you know what is happening on the manufacturing floor, you can improve it. Data analysis allows manufacturing and management staff to drill down on problem areas – such as product rejects, downtimes, die change problems and the utilisation of manufacturing machines. Learn more about manufacturing efficiency.

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