Aspect Product Capabilities

Discover how AspectPL, our advanced MES software, optimises manufacturing operations through seamless ERP integration, real-time data exchange, and comprehensive support. Gain unparalleled visibility and traceability, ensuring full control over production processes and quality management. Explore how AspectPL transforms your manufacturing environment with advanced monitoring and data insights.

Live Production Scheduling

Ditch the spreadsheets and create a dynamic, living schedule – in no time. Cut scheduling time by up to 65%.

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Auto Schedule Capabilities

Auto schedule capabilities, allow users to schedule a week’s work in a few minutes.

Drag & Drop

Schedule production tasks by dragging and dropping work orders into a schedule that is linked to production machines.

Adjust The Schedule in Real Time

Real time production data allows users to monitor and adjust the schedule on the fly.

Indicate Priority List

Indicate Machine and tool priority list for periods where resource could be a problem such as night shift.

Choose Sort Order

Sort unscheduled production segments by required date, duration, segment ID, Tool ID and production request ID for easy selection.

Chart or Spreadsheet View

View schedule in Gantt Chart or view as a plan (spreadsheet).

View Process Path

View jobs that are dependent on each other. (process path) (i.e., jobs that are linked – for example moulding followed by printing).

View Labour Requirements

View calculated factory Labour requirements in Manhattan graph format on timeline of Gantt schedule.

Monitor Production

Monitor production using the graphical scheduler that updates in real time (adjustable – 10 seconds typical).

Data Insights

Data insights from AspectPL provide real-time visibility and traceability, enabling manufacturers to make data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

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Real-Time OEE Calculation

Our system provides real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations, enabling you to measure and improve manufacturing performance instantly.

Alert Analysis

This feature offers a detailed analysis of all alerts over a selected period, helping you identify and address issues promptly.

Data Extracts

Export data as CSV files for external analysis, allowing for deeper insights and integration with other business intelligence tools.

Production Trends

Analyse production trends based on machines, tools, product classes, and specific products to track improvement over time and identify areas for optimisation.

Visibility and Traceability

Gain comprehensive visibility and traceability of manufacturing processes, enabling regular critiques and benchmarking to measure improvements.

Visibility and Monitoring

Visibility and monitoring with AspectPL offer real-time insights into production performance, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues to maintain optimal efficiency.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Our platform offers real-time monitoring of critical performance values such as cycle time, reject rates, and downtime, ensuring immediate visibility into production issues.

Situation Awareness

Utilise user-selectable view by exception fields to focus on critical metrics, enhancing situational awareness and enabling quick decision-making.

Factory Monitor Display

The Factory Monitor screen provides a comprehensive view of the plant’s status, including workstation alerts and downtime actions, all displayed with intuitive visual cues.

Data Collection Points

Ensure all data collection points are functioning 100% to manage daily tasks effectively, providing accurate and reliable data for analysis.

Shift Stand-Up Meetings

Conduct brief daily stand-up meetings to discuss current production status, issues, and targets, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.

Traceability and Revision Control

Maintain total traceability and revision control with time and date-stamped operator transactions, ensuring compliance and quality control throughout the production process.

Traceability and QA

Traceability and QA in AspectPL ensure comprehensive tracking of materials and processes, coupled with detailed quality reporting, to maintain high standards and regulatory compliance throughout production.

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Comprehensive Traceability

Our system captures detailed data on material and process parameters, test results, and operator actions, ensuring full traceability of products throughout the production lifecycle.

Quality Reporting

Generate detailed quality reports that include data on rejects, weight samples, and material tests, helping maintain high standards and compliance with industry regulations.

Batch Tracking

Track materials consumed and finished goods by batch, providing a clear history of product and job production records for easy recall and compliance verification.

Live and Historical Data

Access both live and historical shift performance data, allowing for continuous monitoring and analysis of production efficiency and quality.

Barcode Reading

Utilise barcode reading for finished goods to automatically calculate yield and ensure accurate tracking of production outputs.

Recall Management

Efficiently manage recall concerns with robust traceability features that allow for quick identification and isolation of affected batches, ensuring swift corrective actions.

ERP Integrations

ERP integrations with AspectPL enable seamless data exchange and enhanced operational efficiency, requiring minimal involvement from your ERP vendor and providing comprehensive support for a cost-effective solution.

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Seamless Data Exchange

Our integration method, based on ISO 95 standards, facilitates smooth communication between ERP and MES systems, ensuring seamless data exchange regardless of whether they use CSV files or APIs.

Minimal ERP Vendor Involvement

AspectPL can configure data fields to link under different import/export scenarios from the ERP, requiring minimal involvement from your ERP vendor.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Integrating ERP and MES helps increase operational efficiency by providing real-time plant information, which enhances decision-making and responsiveness to changing demands.

Comprehensive Support

Our experienced team provides comprehensive support throughout the integration phase, focusing on data accuracy and system reliability to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Cost-Effective Integration

We often complete the integration at a capped cost, avoiding risk exposure and ensuring a cost-effective solution for your business.

Improved Visibility

Integration enhances the value derived from both systems by providing greater visibility into production processes, which helps in reducing cycle time and improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE).