2022 is about controlling the fundamentals of manufacturing

Remote MES installation

There have been many challenges for business owners over the last 2 years. It may feel like a lot has changed but there are many things that have actually stayed the same. Angst and uncertainty have been prevalent but the earth is still spinning, businesses are still investing, even growing and innovating.

2021 was about reacting well to adversity without getting overwhelmed and 2022 is about concentrating on what we can control

There will always be things we cannot control – like the pandemic. But remember, there are things we can absolutely control – like manufacturing productivity and keeping good staff on board.

Deloitte, Manufacturing Global and Industrial Transformation Network are predicting similar concerns for manufacturing in 2022. The Australian Chamber of Commerce agrees.

Supply chain logistics is an increasing problem

Many companies have switched to multi-supplier models to build a resilient supply chain. Some Australian and New Zealand businesses are also becoming more self-sufficient by using some local materials and not relying solely on off-shore suppliers. Inconsistent consumer demand and increasing competition means manufacturers have to be more agile and efficient than ever before. Connected production capacity planning and scheduling helps allocate the exact materials and resources for each unit.

Skilled worker shortages

The pandemic challenges of managing a limited workforce (due to sick and isolating workers) sits alongside the ongoing generational skills gap in manufacturing. Finding and retaining qualified workers is a problem shared by many manufacturers. Introducing Industry 4.0 technologies that address workplace safety and worker and plant productivity will help. Workers want their voices heard – they want to be informed about company performance and challenges. They want to be able to contribute ideas and effort to increase competitive advantage and they want the latest connected technologies to help them do their work to the best of their abilities.

Productivity and connectivity will be achieved with data driven manufacturing tools

Protecting profitability by improving efficiency and being more competitive is essential in 2022. Manufacturers have to embrace digital technology – from the office to the factory floor. Connected and reliable data has never been more important. Swinging customer demand, worker shortages and supply chain issues mean every bit of accurate production data is gold. Tools that offer increased agility and better risk management (like MES software) with scheduling and performance measurement are essential.

There is no doubt that 2022 will be challenging, but so many business fundamentals remain the same

Better production scheduling and capacity planning are still assisting with supply chain.

Workers are demanding connected Industry 4.0 technologies to keep them engaged and performing.

Profitability and competitive advantage are achievable with accurate, reliable and measurable production data.