Expert manufacturers explain why they have chosen to partner with AspectPT

From plastics and packaging to pipe and foodstuffs our customers explain how AspectPL has improved their OEE, production visibility and bottom line.

Scheduling & Visibility

  • Significantly improve scheduling and planning functions in real time.
  • The advantages of having access to real-time operational information.
  • Scheduling in a constantly changing environment.

Steve Habershon


Shop Floor Usage

  • Ease of use for the factory floor staff.
  • AspectPL provides all the information required to optimise job change-over activity.

Aviti Galuvao

Viscount Plastics

Cromford Pipe

We saw a return on investment from implementing AspectPL within 6 months. It’s an essential tool for us now.

Implementing AspectPL MES software has been an absolutely huge positive change for our business. It revolutionised production for us and helped us through the Covid-19 environment where unfortunately businesses need to run very lean.

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Luke Sutherland, Operations Manager

Cromford Pipe, Australia

Hansen Products

With AspectPL we are now able to plan what we are physically able to do. Before the plan was theoretical.

The biggest benefit is that AspectPL has increased the transparency of our manufacturing processes. Because of this, we are learning about the constraints of our current practice. Once you understand your constraints you can find ways to solve, eliminate or plan around them.

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Jon Kirby, Manufacturing Manager

Hansen Products, 2019


The AspectPT team made the install process easy and trouble free.

The traceability AspectPL provides, gives our customers confidence that we can meet their quality, capacity and delivery requirements. We can show them data that demonstrates we offer less waste, good cycle times, better quality and superior service.

Live scheduling is immensely valuable. Our Production Manager now has visibility across the plant. We use this data to help us cost our products and it’s very useful for planning machine purchases.

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Brett Hopwood, General Manager

Pharmapac, 2018

Cormack Packaging

AspectPL allows flexibility we didn’t have before…… it is definitely paying for itself.

The AspectPL scheduler is visual and very intuitive. Previously scheduling 250 jobs took 3 days, now it takes only 1. We also save 20 hours per week on production reports. Now we just push a button and send it through – there’s the output for the day.

Now we work on making our changeovers faster, improving our line start and line clearance downtimes and reducing waste. With AspectPL we can see these stats at the push of a button – and in real-time.

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Shaun Wallace, Production Manager

Cormack Packaging, 2019