AspectPL Productivity Analysis


Efficiency tools for your manufacturing team


  • The visibility and traceability AspectPL offers, allows your team the time to critique manufacturing processes, benchmark progress and measure improvements.
  • Measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE calculation) is an automatic output of the process managed by AspectPL.
  • If a long serving manufacturing team member left the company, how much manufacturing knowledge would go with him/her? AspectPL embeds the inherent knowledge of your manufacturing team into digital technology.
  • AspectPL helps achieve a paper less manufacturing floor. No more work orders and schedules on paper/clipboards. Digitally attach an SOP or a finished product visual for easy viewing for manufacturing staff.
  • More visibility for your business means more easily available information for your customers. Your team can access manufacturing plans and answer customer queries in real time.
  • Have multiple sites? Installing AspectPL over several sites gives visibility, traceability and data for comparison between sites.
  • The agility and flexibility of AspectPL means company wide strategies like Industry 4 and the Internet of Things don’t need to be a barrier to achieving improved OEE quickly. AspectPL can work with and grow alongside other business systems.

Manufacturing traceability for quality management

  • AspectPL provides a bar code system that makes the entire manufacturing process traceable – from the manufacturing floor to the warehouse and despatch.
  • Carton, pallet labels and bar codes are linked into AspectPL to help manage quality control and account for rejects.
  • Quality issues can be traced to (what) job it is, (when) was it produced and (who) packed it. The data can also be seamlessly integrated back into your ERP – which means no more manual data entry.

Example of Case Studies 

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