Scheduling & Visibility

Steve Habershon – Cospak

  • Significantly improve scheduling and planning functions in real time.
  • The advantages of having access to real-time operational information.
  • Scheduling in a constantly changing environment.

Shop Floor Usage

Aviti Galuvao – Viscount Plastics

  • Ease of use for the factory floor staff.
  • AspectPL provides all the information required to optimise job change-over activity.

Productivity Improvements

Allan Orr – Founding Director – AspectPT

  • AspectPL supports lean manufacturing methodologies.
  • AspectPL significantly reduces operational costs.

Manufacturing Visibility

Allan Orr – Founding Director – AspectPT

  • AspectPL provides visibility across the whole operation.
  • There is a significant advantage in scheduling in real-time.
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