Want more bang for your buck with your MES software?

When customers implement AspectPL they get everything AspectPL offers – the whole shebang.

No surprise costs, no tiered offers, no add-on modules for add-on $$. You get the complete package, including ongoing software updates and the AspectPT team’s expertise, now and in the future.

The AspectPT team is consistently creating new functionality, reports and data extracts. This is part of our ongoing development philosophy and/or because of customer collaboration. If we create a feature for a customer, it will usually be released to our community of users – free of charge. Below we detail some of the features, reports and data extracts that are available in AspectPL.

Machine maintenance module

This module allows users to plan, monitor and record required maintenance of their machines.

“Automating machine maintenance has saved me a lot of time – no more reviewing spreadsheets. It almost self manages. AspectPL generates an action and informs the staff member who needs to perform it. Also, we can now track maintenance off actual machine cycles which is both a time-saving and cost benefit to us.”

Luke Sutherland, Operations Manager, Cromford Pipe, NSW.

Labour resource requirements

A graphical summary of labour resource requirements can be viewed based on scheduled jobs. Historical and current labour quantities can be saved to the database for reporting.


  • Work centre schedule
  • Material requirements
  • Labour and setter reports
  • Available capacity
  • Production status
  • Daily production
  • Late orders
  • Tools list
  • Comments list
  • Context sensitive reports for work orders, production rules, work request, OEE.

Data Extracts

Pallet count and scan history – total pallets and each scanned pallet label

Yield details – total counted yields by product and job

Active production rules (includes BOM’s and routings) – active and preferred production rules by produced material and rule ID

Production hourly – produced and expected quantities in hour by hour blocks, by machine, by job – for monitored machines.

Tool performance – tools used in jobs during a specified period

Product performance – total yields and cycle times of jobs by produced material and work order

Current job – unscheduled, scheduled and running jobs, by status and machine

Deleted job – deleted jobs by a specified period

Schedule status – current schedule, ordered by work centre and expected start time.

Tool usage – overview of tool IDs used in jobs and the total cycles and uptime in hours they have done

Work centre usage – total cycles and hours by machine

Comment list – comments ordered by equipment ID and job creation date

AspectPL is licensed per machine or production line which means customers get unlimited users and log-ons without penalty.

Remember – ongoing software updates and generous technical support are included free with your monthly AspectPL SaaS license.

 If you want the whole MES shebang – get AspectPL.