See us at Total Plant Management. Hear from one of our customers, PACT Group, about the value they derived from using AspectPT solution.
Melbourne 26th, 27th February 2024 at the Langham Hotel. More info

Most clients see a positive return on investment within 12 months, some even less.

Customer results include:

  • Increases in productivity (OEE) of 10-15% year on year
  • Reduced initial scheduling time by 2 or more days per month and 20 hours reporting time per week
  • Increased utilisation of machines by up to 95%
  • One plant reported operational savings of $400k in one year
  • Another site reported generation of 15% more revenue, with 20% fewer staff, and they no longer work on the weekends
  • On average for AspectPT customers, every 1% improvement in OEE is worth approx. $50k per year
  • OEE increases greater than 5% per year are achievable. Time is money, and it’s vital to improve the production performance of expensive capital equipment on the floor.