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Most clients see a positive return on investment within 12 months, some even less.

Customer results include:

  • Increases in productivity (OEE) of 10-15% year on year
  • Reduced initial scheduling time by 2 or more days per month and 20 hours reporting time per week
  • Increased utilisation of machines by up to 95%
  • One plant reported operational savings of $400k in one year
  • Another site reported generation of 15% more revenue, with 20% fewer staff, and they no longer work on the weekends
  • On average for AspectPT customers, every 1% improvement in OEE is worth approx. $50k per year
  • OEE increases greater than 5% per year are achievable. Time is money, and it’s vital to improve the production performance of expensive capital equipment on the floor.