Improving OEE Means More Profit

Good data drives good problem solving

Below we hear from a client who runs 20 injection moulding machines ranging in size from 110T to 3,000T. They manufacture industrial handling and packaging products, mostly in PP and HDPE materials and employ over 50 staff.

How have they worked on improving OEE?

“In 2016 the parent company* introduced a ‘lean’ program at our manufacturing plant in Melbourne, signalling a focus on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – as vitally important. We were fortunate to have the AspectPL software running on site already managing the production process. It allowed the seamless introduction of the lean program via an hourly count board, resulting in information being easily accessible. The plant was running at an average of 60% OEE year on year. Recent reports indicate that this has improved to almost 80%, meaning we’ve made significant savings and driven more profit in the business over a short period.”

"Every day we review the hourly count boards and OEE for each shift, identifying issues and driving continuous improvement. AspectPL enables this process, efficiently. Good data drives good problem solving."

Richard*, Operations Manager.

“Having used AspectPL for a number of years, it’s scheduling and quality control components are deeply entrenched in our site’s culture and operations. Its enterprise level functionality keeps both our planning and production teams happy, which in turn allows us to provide our customers with deliveries on time, meeting their requirements. AspectPL is critical to the successful operation of this business.”

*Site name and plant manager not identified for confidentiality reasons.