2020 is the year to digitise the manufacturing floor. What are you waiting for?

The new year is well and truly underway. Is 2020 another year you are falling behind the competition?

Frustrated with the same old manufacturing problems? Feeling chaotic and want accurate manufacturing data and production visibility?

Imagine a new future, a future where your team know exactly what’s happening on the manufacturing floor.

  • Your team know exactly what happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year
  • Your team know exactly what is actually happening now
  • Your team know exactly what is going to happen in the future

Imagine telling your team you have a solution for the cumbersome scheduling process. Creating a schedule will take a third of the time and because it is live it will accommodate any production changes on the fly!

Imagine an ERP integration that is automatic. Ditch the time consuming data input for an automated upload.

Stop procrastinating and break up with your old production pain points.

No more labour intensive manual processes
– staff spend time monitoring machines rather than analysing data to gain efficiencies
No more inaccurate planning and manual scheduling
– cumbersome and fragmented static plans that are theoretical – not actual and always out of date
No more poor production visibility and inaccurate data
– unreliable metrics (machine performance, quality, rejects, waste)

Gain competitive advantage and a new lease on your manufacturing life.

Increase manufacturing quality and output
• Increase factory utilisation and labour productivity
• Implement manufacturing floor visibility and data analysis
• Implement agile applications that automate complex and manual processes

AspectPL can create a new future for your manufacturing business. Lean why AspectPL has been implemented by world-leading manufacturers across Australasia since 2009.