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Countering OEE myths – AspectPT can show how many myths about OEE can be dispelled easily.

Top 12 Myths about OEE

Thousands of pages have been written about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Some of it is clear and useful; much of it is not.

Personally, we’re huge advocates of OEE. However, we’ve noticed a recurring theme in many of the web sites and white papers we’ve reviewed, not to mention conversations we’ve had with prospective customers of our own OEE-related software, AspectPL. Often the writer or speaker will take an extreme position – OEE is either vastly overrated or it’s a silver bullet…

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10 non negotiable rules of productivity optimization

The point of lifting productivity is that it increases your ability to give customers what they want at a price they are comfortable with.

If you browse the web for information on improving productivity in your factory, you’ll quickly encounter a vast array of theories and products with impressive-sounding names. As you read some of the papers produced by their adherents, you’ll be equally struck by the impressively long and difficult words that clutter their pages…

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