Seamless ERP Integration


Simple and seamless ERP integration

  • AspectPL can operate with your existing ERP system by installing a single PLC. A PLC is a data collector which enables the AspectPL data to be fed into your ERP – making your ERP ‘live’.
  • Your ERP provider cannot offer the visibility and real time manufacturing data provided by the AspectPL. We know this because we designed and own the AspectPL software.
  • AspectPL is licensed per machine, line or workstation – not per user. There is no limit to how many people can be logged on at one time. This means everyone from manufacturing staff to executive management has access to live production data.


Easy ERP integration

AspectPL can be integrated with most systems such as SAP, SAP B1, Microsoft AX, Great Plains, NAV, Syteline, Epicor 9, Epicor 10, SysPro, QAD, Attache, Consona, Beacon, Greentree, GEAC/TIMS, Solarsoft mVP, Sage, MYOB, Descom, Distrib and JD Edwards.

  •  AspectPL allows for time and/or event-based import and export utilising XML or CSV data exchange.
  • In connected mode, AspectPL receives BOMs, Routing and Orders as a slave to the ERP system while maintaining full version control and history.
  • Two-way data integration efficiently makes the ERP solution live. Confirmed production orders are released from the ERP system to AspectPL.
  • AspectPL manages the production process, and reports back work order status, yield, performance and completion dates to the ERP. Returning actual production output enables the option to back-flush materials automatically and improves accuracy on MRP runs.
  • In parallel with the ERP data, machine data, tools, products, materials, quality checks, actions and related documents such as SOP’s, CAD drawings and maintenance records can be linked to production for a paperless environment.
  • The combination of the works orders and BOM’s with the actual production data build a traceable environment. Information is stored against the appropriate production tasks allowing AspectPL to act as a central data repository.

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Seamless ERP System Integration