Real-Time Machine Connected

The benefits of Real-time Productivity Software


“…the time to do something about poor performance in the factory is right now. Identify the problem and fix it today…”


AspectPL is hard-wired to the production machines on the factory-floor via a single PLC device. This means users know the exact status of the machine at any time. Is the machine running, or down, what speed is it cycling at, is it too fast, or too slow, when will a job finish, how many items have been made to date, what is the reject rate? and a whole lot more.


The AspectPL Job Monitor utilises “situation awareness” displaying essential manufacturing KPI’s, broadly grouped around availability, performance and quality. This approach allows staff and managers to take control of the manufacturing operation and to attend to issues as soon as they happen. It reduces the reliance on staff data entry, and eliminates inefficient paper travellers and notoriously inaccurate manual systems.

Real-time productivity software