Live Scheduling


Easy, live scheduling and visibility on the manufacturing floor

  • AspectPL digitises your manufacturing floor which means no more manual scheduling and data entry.
  • AspectPL enables you to drag and drop your work orders into a system that can create a
    schedule and is linked to your machines.
  • With AspectPL you no longer need to transfer work orders into a separate system, no creating a schedule that is out of date the minute it starts, no more constantly updating the schedule.
  • AspectPL shows live data about how your manufacturing machines are performing. No more walking across the manufacturing floor to check machines.


The AspectPL Scheduler

The AspectPL scheduler caters for both machine connected true real-time equipment and non-monitored machines and work centres. It provides a dynamic and visual interactive scheduling solution across your entire enterprise. Leading edge AspectPL functionality includes:

  • An easy to use ‘drag & drop’ gantt chart interface.
  • Underlying factory and work centre calendar.
  • Auto-schedule capabilities, allowing a user to schedule a week’s work in a few minutes.
  • Manages complex family tools and product dependencies with ease.
  • Active default dual color display for products, tools, material classes, tool and colour changes.
  • Segmentation of the production facility by department.
  • Multiple schedule reports for material picking, tool change preparation, schedule status, resource and material planning.
  • Late and overdue job visualization and reporting.
  • A manhattan graph showing actual and required labour resources

The helpful team at AspectPT are available for any questions you may have via our Contact Us page

Live Scheduling - Drag & Drop Gantt Chart View