Affordable SaaS Model



AspectPL investment is returned quickly through business efficiencies

  • AspectPL is affordable with a one-off establishment cost and a monthly software license fee.
  • AspectPL requires only one centralised PLC (not individual PLCs at every machine) which enables cost savings. Your ERP vendor cannot compete on value.
  • AspectPL is licensed per machine, line or workstation – not per user. There is no limit to how many people can be logged on at one time. 
  • AspectPL can work with your existing plant. AspectPL helps gain the most net utilisation out of the machines you already have.
  • AspectPL is scalable and can manage 5 to 100 plus machines. If your plant grows – AspectPL can grow with it.
  • AspectPL data helps businesses reduce stock, reduce casual labour resource and reduce overtime. It encourages lean manufacturing principles which can increase OEE and net utilisation of machines.

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